Have been using this liquid for over two years, REALLY STOPS THE CRAVINGS! And great customer service!


This is the most accurate tasting cigarette flavor I’ve tried

I ran out of this & bought some other flavors to see if they were close. Not even remotely close. This is the most accurate tasting cigarette flavor I’ve tried.


Terrific product

Terrific product. It might be the only available unflavored pure VG WTA on the market at this time actually! I dont understand why WTA is not more popular, it is downright easy and actually becomes preferable to smoking an analog. I dont even have the desire for analogs when ‘out for a night on the town’! No standard liquid can do this, no standard liquid no matter the strength gives you the same feel. For me actually, all standard does is give me a headache, and I am not satisfied. Proper stuff, try it!

Dexter R.

This juice was the juice that got me off cigarettes!

This juice was the juice that got me off cigarettes! I love it. It’s smooth and produces a ton of vapor! I haven’t had any problems with the bottles – no leaking. I’ve even kept several of the bottles from past purchases and use them to mix my unflavored base in (to then add flavoring to as needed) as they’re nice, thick glass bottles. I would suggest that if you’re intending on furiously shaking them that you keep the stopper that comes with the bottle for shipping, but still, I haven’t had any issues with the bottle leaking without it – even while shaking.

Also: the customer service has been great! Thanks!


This NET/WTA tastes just like a cigarette

Very true to the name, this NET/WTA tastes just like a cigarette. I smoked marlboro for years. The NET is very nice and smooth with a little throat hit. With the WTA it’s a whole experience, not just a good vape.

My method of using WTA is, basically, to not use it all the time. Cravings, stress, not being able to vape for long periods, or being around a bunch of smokers is when it comes in soooo handy.

If you DIY, flavorings can be added to "American Cigarette" to completely personalize it. Super concentrates won’t even change the nic level that much. Peach or cherry sounds good with this. 🙂 It is very satisfying as is in any case.

I had a couple other people try it who are still smoking. They quite liked it as well! I’m hoping they can get over that last hump and give up the cigs for good and this might just do the trick.

Very well done NET with WTA and the taste is there. 5 stars!


THE e-liquid- period

WOW! no flowery prose. no long winded explanation. just WOW! THE e-liquid- period…..

Peter F.

Great product!

Great product! Good for DIY’ers to mix with flavorings so that it can be at the strength you want. Only complaint is that the dropper bottle is very inconvenient, and I always lose some from spillage every time I open the bottle. Spillage is not good when you’re talking $1.50/ml. A plastic squeeze bottle would be great. Other than that, great product.


I now remember how much I liked the taste of a cigarette before the coughing and wheezing

Okay, I’ve been vaping for over four years. When I started I thought, like a lot of other people, that I wanted a nicquid that tasted like what I smoked. That didn’t last long as I quickly moved to the fruity flavors. Over the years I have gotten some mixes where it was a combination of a fruit flavor and a pipe tobacco flavor combined which was very nice. I had no desire for a cigarette anymore or the flavor of a cigarette anymore.

I had a few friends that got into e cigs and fell away that I decided to buy some American Cigarette for to see if I could kick start their desire again. However, when I received my order, I had to try it before I past it along to anyone else. Unfortunately, it tasted so good and so much like a, well, American cigarette, that I’ve used it ever since. I now remember how much I liked the taste of a cigarette before the coughing and wheezing.

Jim R.

Great high quality eliquid

Great high quality eliquid in quality packaging. If you’re looking for more out of your vapor, or attempting to combat the peaks/tweaks of straight nicotine ejuice, I recommend this product. Very smooth and enjoyable. Fast shipping and a great product.


A good value for anyone who wants to add the effects of WTAs to their mix

The 36mg base unflavored WTA e-liquid is a good value for anyone who wants to add the effects of WTAs to their mix. I add a small amount to my DIY and vendor-made e-liquids for the enhanced effect that it imparts. You don’t have to be a "do-it-yourselfer" at all. Anybody who needs the effects of the unflavored WTAs can add some of this to their e-liquids. Start with just a few drops to experiment and take it from there!

I saw the other reviews about the bottle and spillage but I didn’t have a problem at all. Don’t let those comments deter you from giving this a try.


Beyond any other tobacco flavor I tried

Just got my order.

Beyond any other tobacco flavor I tried, and I tried them all, this one is SPOT ON!

I spent a ton of money on various vendors and got either drain cleaner or stuff that tasted like medicine.

I came in here as soon as I tasted this (american cigarette), to get a LOT more.

….Now if my current bottle hold out – I nailed my FAVORITE vape.



This product is superb

This product is superb. I was a chain-vaper, at 10ml of 15mg/ml aday (no, it isn’t AA 😉 ) but after starting on WTA which I mixed to taste with my preferred flavors, at only 12mg/ml, I found after a week or so I was down to only 3ml a day. No more sneaky ciggy cravings, and no longer my PV stuck to my hand like it had superglu on it. Now I use around 2.5ml, at 9mg/ml, and my next mix will be even weaker on the WTA content.

It’s a real godsend for vapers who have got to chain-vaping, or to kill cigarette cravings;

Although unflavored WTA is a vape in itself, not diagreeable at all, it’s also great for those who like to DIY their juices. Variety is only limited by your tastes.


I went from 2 – 2.5 pks of smokes a day to 4 cigarettes right away, with no cravings

This is a GREAT Product I have tried all kinds of different juices None have ever satisfied like this one does

I cant say it taste like a real cigarette, but close as I think you can get,it has a good taste to me,I just cant describe it. I went from 2 – 2.5 pks of smokes a day to 4 cigarettes right away, with no cravings, Thank You for a great product that actually satisfies I think people that are vaping to quit smoking like myself, would have more success with this juice, 5 STARS all the way "God Bless"

Joe B.

Completely eliminates the desire for cigarettes

Great taste, gives me a buzz that I never got from regular juice and completely eliminates the desire for cigarettes. I have a pack of Camel Menthols sitting in the car and I don’t want to touch them as long as I’ve got this. I can’t really express how fantastic this product is and it’s the only thing I’m using from here on out. I guess the magic is in the alkaloids. WTA liquid really is the future.


I can’t believe how much more effective this stuff is

I’ve tried to give up smoking about a million billion gazillion times. No form of nicotine replacement has ever worked, including regular e liquid. It just seems to take longer for the withdrawal symptoms to start. This is basically because there is more to tobacco than nicotine, and the heavier a smoker you are, the more those other elements are a part of the addiction. I can’t believe how much more effective this stuff is, it may seem expensive but it goes a long way, personally it’s a bit annoying that the nearest store is several thousand miles away, but I expect that it’s only a matter of time before it blossoms worldwide. I order it way in advance! These guys should branch into wta gum and patches.


I find this exactly the same as smoking a cigarette like Marlboro Light.

I’ve been vaping this for about a year now. I now drop 18 drops of this (25 mg) in a little needle bottle, then 1 drop of Tobacco and 1 drop Kiss of Sweet, then 18 drops of VG and 2 drops of PG. A total of 40 drops, which is what fills my tank.

I find this exactly the same as smoking a cigarette like Marlboro Light. Reason why I had no trouble stepping over from smoking to vaping.