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Liquid Leaf manufactures the finest quality Whole Tobacco Alkaloid (WTA) e-liquid. We make it by hand in small batches in Boulder, Colorado, USA using only 100% American grown, USDA certified organic tobacco and the highest quality USP-grade kosher vegetable glycerin.

There’s more to tobacco than just nicotine.

Did you know that nicotine is only one of the many active ingredients contained in tobacco and that these play a big part in the satisfying feel of smoking a cigarette?

Traditional e-liquids are a combination of nicotine, glycerine, and artificial flavoring – leaving out all the other naturally occurring ingredients present in natural tobacco.

Liquid Leaf’s WTA (Whole Tobacco Alkaloids) is completely different from those e-liquids.

Instead of using only nicotine, we use a long and complex proprietary process to extract as many active ingredients as possible from 100% organic tobacco leaves.

The resulting e-liquid provides a richer, more satisfying experience which can closely resemble the feeling of smoking real tobacco.

Liquid Leaf’s WTA is as close as it gets to vaping actual tobacco.

Many find that Whole Tobacco Alkaloids provide greater satisfaction than nicotine-only liquids and help struggling smokers switch to a safer, yet still satisfying alternative to smoking.

Our intention is to offer a natural, high-quality e-liquid that can satisfy cravings in the same way smoking does and with similarly calming effects.

If you find that normal e-liquids don’t quite hit the spot for you or you’re struggling with smoking, our WTA e-liquid might be the perfect choice.

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